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Worthington Historical Society
Celebrates Black History Month

The Orange Johnson House in Worthington was definitely the place to be for jazz enthusiasts in February, 1998.

The Worthington Historical Society put jazz in the forefront of Black History Month.

The house featured jazz memorabilia, sheet music, records, photos, recordings and collages from the collection of Society member Jim Loeffler

Listing Site Updates
These pages will feature, as time goes by, many items from the collections of Jim and Bill Loeffler.

They will include autographed items, rare recordings, photographs, programs, sheet music and other items of memorabilia of interest to jazz buffs, historians and musicologists into that wonderful feeling we call "JAZZ".

"JazzOhio" - A part of the year-long "All That Jazz" exhibition at the Ohio Historical Society
The exhibit "All That Jazz" was part of the year-long celebrationof Jazz that began with the Smithsonian traveling exhibit "The Jazz Age In Paris."

Running from May 1 to September 25, 1999,the exhibit included many audio and visual exhibits gathered by Candy Watkins, Arnett Howard and Jim Loeffler. It featured performances by guest artists and bands, and lectures. This page will include photos of the exhibit and some articles used from the collections of Jim and Bill Loeffler.

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